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“Some of the best guides that we've ever seen ...” MotorWeek, Maryland Public Television

California Coastal Byways


From the rivers and forests along the Oregon border to Southern California’s rugged mountains, the Golden State’s unpaved coastal backroads offer uncommon opportunities for off-highway adventure.

All you need is your very own copy of California Coastal Byways, which details 50 of the state’s best coastal adventure roads.

Whether you’re traveling for a few hours, a weekend or weeks at a time, user-friendly California Coastal Byways will take you deep into coastal wildlands. With California Coastal Byways as your personal adventure guide, you will discover places that only little-traveled backcountry byways can take you.

With California Coastal Byways you will:

• wind along old wagon roads on the little-known Lost Coast

• take in sweeping vistas from the San Gabriel Mountains

• camp amid the ocean mists in the hidden, historic harbors of Mendocino and Humboldt counties

• relax in backwoods warm springs in Santa Barbara County

• hike to an old lighthouse along a rocky shore where sea lions gather.

California Coastal Byways provides detailed route descriptions, overview maps for every route, an extensive how-to chapter on backcountry-driving skills, and a handy, road-ready format.

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of California Coastal Byways today!

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